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The Art & Science of Success.

Real World projects. Real World Experience.

Our Legacy. Your Success.

We Are Masters Of Our Craft.

Fairwinds Delivers Results.

Why Fairwinds International

We are masters of our craft. Our senior management team is uniquely qualified for a wide range of project management and engineering assignments. Our capabilities are well beyond typical expectations. We handle onshore, marsh and offshore projects equally well. Our staff has worked in senior-level positions for many of the world’s top oil & gas companies and service companies. We understand your project needs as well as the expectations of your senior management. Fairwinds delivers results.

Our Purpose

Few oil and gas vendors had the origins that we did. Our mission is to hold equal expertise in both engineering and construction management disciplines. Real world projects don’t follow departmental lines. We decided that our team would not be bound by past conventional thought. Our entire team has a single purpose: to solve your project needs on time and on budget.

Our Results

We want to talk with you about your project needs. However, it would be ideal if you would first take a minute to review our reference projects and case studies. This will give you insight into the results Fairwinds can generate.

Our Legacy

We have built a team of experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines: all to provide you with an optimal set of experts on your particular project. We are not a cookie cutter organization. Each person assigned to your team views your success as their success.

Delivering Results that Matter.